Phlebotomy Direct was founded by Velia Regalado and Arturo  Cardoza in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic; because patients had  to be quarantined, we felt a need to start our mobile service. 

We have over 35 years of combined phlebotomy experience.  As phlebotomist our primary role is to collect blood for accurate and  reliable test results as quickly as possible and with the least  discomfort to our patients. We specialize in venipuncture, capillary  collection, and sample processing. 

We have 22 years of experience in management of inpatient/ outpatient care including Pediatrics and Special Needs Patients to  Geriatric Patients. 

Effective health care requires a partnership between patients and  health care professionals. Open and honest communication, respect  for personal and professional values, and sensitivity to differences are  an integral part of our business. Our team consists of highly qualified  technicians that are compassionate and professional. Our common  goals are to create an environment where we work together to satisfy  the client and patient with commitment and transparency.